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Hi I’m Sorin, a web developer, sales funnel architect, and automation specialist from the wonderful city of Bucharest, Romania.

I help entrepreneurs, coaches, and public figures, create technical frameworks and strategic sales funnels so they can establish a powerful, profitable, online business.

From a very young age I could always be found tinkering away with computers.

You could say I was obsessed with understanding how things worked (I still am).

Some might call me a geek.

But it’s this problem solving nature which allows me to serve my clients in a very unique way, let me explain…

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See…rather than just being all about the money, I try and turn every project I collaborate on into a story.

A privileged opportunity for me to exchange information, solve complex challenges, and help my clients create the systems, strategies, and processes they need to execute and perform at their peak.

This holistic approach means I naturally attract the type of motivated, passionate, visionaries I love to work with.

Leaders who are happy and willing to invest in their success.

It’s a win win situation.

Your secret weapon, I work behind the scenes so you can plan and optimise the technology you need to operate a high revenue generating online business efficiently

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But it’s more than that…

My clients hire me because they realize technology that ‘plays well together’ is only the first step. The foundations, so to speak.

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But they’re:

Exasperated by the mediocre results of their ‘spray and pray marketing’, and the constant nagging feeling that their most creative energy is being wasted each day.
Tired of playing in the minor leagues where they have to continually shout to get noticed.
Fed up of their amateur online presence and patched together business systems that cost them time and money.

They’re ready to go pro.

And that’s usually when they call me.

A skilled technician and digital strategist, I make the lives of busy entrepreneurs with a big vision, streamlined, strategic, and stress free.

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